Flexibility for advertisers creates immediate impact


The average person watches over 3hrs 22mins of broadcast TV a day!


TV generates £1.73 for every £1 spent across the short-term, and a whopping £4.20 across the longer-term.


Broadcaster TV accounts for 91% of our video day!

TV Drives Emotions

Countless independent studies have shown, time and time again, that TV drives a higher ROI than any other media. It’s proven to drive emotions, harness attention and ensure real consumer sentiment and behavioural change.

It’s a cultural zeitgeist, and those live event TV moments are huge, with ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (FOMO) playing a key factor for many – who wants to miss out on the winner of Love Island or Bake-Off?

Flexibility for Advertisers

The beauty of TV is in its flexibility for advertisers, large, medium and small. With the ability to partner with one station, one sales house or all broadcasters. Brands have the scope to broadcast nationally big brand awareness campaigns or narrowcast to tightly targeted households via addressable TV solutions.

Like other media, digitisation and connectivity has only enhanced the medium. TV has evolved from offering a fixed broadcasting schedule to its position today, via broadcast video on-demand (BVOD) platforms across sky, itv or Channel 4, providing viewer’s their own choice of what to watch, when to watch it and on any device.

These changes have enhanced data driven buying opportunities, advertisers can take advantage of their 1st party data and that of the broadcasters, creating matching data sets to deliver targeted dynamic creative to relevant households and supercharging business returns.

We’ve not even mentioned the power of sponsorship, how it allows advertisers to piggyback the values of a specific show or channel and align them with their brand.  Such associations can be further deepened by licensing deals, which can provide access to talent, tickets and image rights.

Too many SME’s believe they can’t afford TV, well that’s simply not true.

Cheaper than you think

Routes such as direct response television (DRTV) allow advertisers to access TV at a sub £3 CPT.  DRTV is a great tool at driving direct web actions, with many studies clearly showing the immediate impact on search following TV exposure.

We partner with the leading independent TV attribution company which enables us to prove the impact of our TV schedules, thus allowing the team to make intelligent data driven decisions to optimise campaigns and to test and learn from new hypothesis.

UK broadcasters have also developed fantastic new routes to access TV, each with nuanced differences in set-up and business requirements, but nonetheless all offer really cost-effective opportunities to test and grow via TV advertising.

Many SME’s feel that TV is too expensive for them, but that’s just no longer true.

Last year alone, over 1,200 new-to-TV advertisers tried it, with 850 of those only spending as little as £50k to do it. There’s nothing stopping you being in the class of 2021!

Our team have unrivalled experience in growing businesses via the power of TV, and we’re certain we can do the same for you.