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Our philosophy is simple, we believe in offering exceptional service and senior thinking as standard.

We do this by partnering with the best people and companies in their respective sectors. Hand-picked because they share our passion to deliver simple, smart, and transformative campaigns for clients.

We ask the right questions up-front, saving time and delivering growth faster for your business.

Our clients are treated as partners, not £ signs, delivering a nuanced approach with senior media experience and full transparency.

Why did we start AT MC SQUARED?

To make a BIGGER difference to SME's

Whilst working at several large media agencies we witnessed a wide array of behaviours and styles, some of which excellent, and others which simply grated. Of course none were nefarious, but at times it felt that we'd left something on the table. We didn't like that.

Client's spending under £1m were often mis-sold the 'big agency' dream and invariably treated like training accounts for account management teams. #allchange

The 'global' standardised approach to planning works fantastically for large multi-market clients but certainly not for those smaller clients that just need senior input and hours at the beginning, something which timesheet analysis often stated wasn't profitable. Growth journeys are never linear.

Across the country there are hundreds of businesses that want to take that 'next step' on their growth journey, but, don't know how to best leverage media to deliver it. Many have been brainwashed into seeking micro-efficiencies within the walled gardens of Google and facebook.

Today's media landscape offers a plethora of cost efficient routes for SME's to grow, they just need to speak to the right partners. One's that genuinely care about your media investment and its effectiveness.

Where we can help your business

Media Planning & Buying

We engage across the full media mix and strive to understand your business prior to moving to your customers and spotlighting their behaviours and media consumption.

We then craft a media strategy and plan that delivers efficient placements measured against our pre-agreed business outcomes.

All wrapped by a strong commercial exit gained from our fluid approach and total trading transparency.

Media Consultancy

We offer consultancy work on several key areas for our clients, leveraging value, supercharging existing relationships, and media audits.

We understand that SME's are time poor,  so often our work is re-laying media process and on-boarding integration and measurement.

Working with us and our partners will help you get to the next stage of your growth journey.

In-channel training

Helping clients navigate the complex landscape. We can deliver media inductions, or cover the theory behind negotiation strategy. Break down how best to structure feedback, or how to coach performance sales teams.

All content will be specifically tailored to your requirements and business sector.