Media focussed upon delivering business outcomes.

What does that mean? There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ media strategy or plan – and that’s a good thing. Work should be bespoke and tailored to the client needs, and not that of the agency.

Well, the fantastic work requires excellent effort – powered by experience. To ensure that we deliver both for our client partners, we follow our proprietary D-R-I-V-E planning approach.

It helps align all parties on the challenge, ensuring that everyone understands what great work looks like, and most importantly, how the results will be measured.

D – Discovery stage

It’s not the dating game, but rather the data game. We work hard to understand your business, its challenges and pinch points. Clients that work to briefs will understand our passion to drive growth and they will be happy to take on the challenge. 

R – Review and research

We research factors outside of your direct control. This involves understanding what your competitors are doing, where they are doing it, and how well – both on and offline. We might utilise third party research companies, too, or access relevant industry reports.

I – Intelligence and insight

This is where our ‘senior thinking as standard’ approach comes to life. We utilise our desktop and industry systems to spotlight your target audience’s media consumption. During this phase, we’ll craft the insight that fuels your media activity to empower our desired shift in ‘consumer behaviour’.

V – Validation and value

We validate all hypothesis with data, ensuring clarity of media channel; their role in campaign comms and activity is planned to reach the optimum number of people, alongside maximum frequency levels to deliver growth. 

E – Execution and Evaluation

Leveraging our experience and executing the agreed media plans on time, on budget and on target, we deliver full transparency on exposure. All activity is measured against our agreed outputs from the Discovery phase.

Processes are easy to integrate into a business, but you need buy-in from your people and teams to empower positive change.  That’s why we live and breathe ours, experience has shown us you can’t achieve business growth without understanding the outputs that will help you D-R-I-V-E the desired outcome.

You can read about our big brand experience and successes within the About Us section, or learn about The Team.  But, before you do. The simple takeaway is we started @MC² to leverage our experience to help SME’s like you grow.  All you need to do is drop us a line; it really is that easy.