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66% of listening is now digital


36.8m adults listen to commercial radio every week


20.4 hours of live radio in average consumed ever week

Delivering fame for brands cost effectively

Radio is a fantastic media at connecting brands and consumers, and it does so like no other media. Music makes an emotional connection with the listener. We’ve all heard a song, then smiled as the lyrics and beat has instantly taken us back to a different time and place – being part of that at the right time is hugely powerful for brands.

Today radio accounts for over 16% of our time spent with media, and that means SME’s can drive a high share of voice cost effectively within their sector either locally or nationally. Not to mention making radio creative is easier and cheaper than ever before!

With the explosion of smart speaker listening, the medium offers more choice than ever before, so picking the right station mix and planning the optimal reach and frequency makes all the difference between a good campaign and an amazing one!

There’s a wide array of routes outside of spot advertising to deepen your brands relationship with listeners, such as station or daypart sponsorships, brand licensing agreements, podcasts or live events and experiential opportunities to help bring your brand to life!

Just promise us one thing, don’t get caught out trading spot packages with ostensibly deep discounts off rate-cards. If you want to unlock the real value of radio, partner with an agency with a proven track record of getting great results at the right price.