Door Drops

Driving response with tightly targeted opportunities


Lockdown saw a significant improvement in door drop interactions with commercial actions +58%


Average lifespan in HH is 6.9 days


Door drop customers are twice as likely to repurchase

Door drops are primarily the unaddressed delivery of marketing messages in print and the medium is primarily used by businesses as a customer acquisition channel.

They enable brands to connect with consumers in their own homes, but there are some golden rules to improve effectiveness.

Data Led – insight and data analytics such as customer profiling and audience segmentation should be used to ensure cost-efficient delivery by reducing wastage.

Creative  – the look of your door drop is critical to its success.  Your advert should either stand out or add value – ideally both if you can. Variables such as size, weight, paper type and creative format can all have an influence on success.

Campaigns can be delivered via Royal Mail, specialist teams or a blend of the two. This is dependant upon the geo-location of door drop and types of houses within those postal sectors.

We can help SME’s with design, print and distribution to the relevant delivery centres, or just facilitating the buy and helping advise on best practice if you’re already a door drop advertiser.