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36m people read news brands every day


70% believe that a world without journalism would harm democracy


51% higher conversion on news brand websites due to higher levels of attention

Newspapers are not dead.

There is no getting away from the fact that newspaper sales have declined. But that doesn’t mean the medium is dead, or of lesser value.  Audiences now have a choice to read a paper physically or digitally – via an app or on a website, with the latter opening many additional routes for targeting opportunities for brands.

According to the IPA databank study in 2021, advertisements appearing in news brands are perceived as more trustworthy and of higher quality by readers – two of the most important factors that lead to advertiser growth.

This shift in news consumption has seen key commercial players in the market pivot to source and grow revenues streams across their title portfolios. This brings a real opportunity for advertisers to embrace licensing, events and even subscription offers as loyalty gifts for an advertisers’ customer base.

Partners such as the Ozone Project can offer multi-title reach and frequency for advertisers with a single buy allowing advertisers to activate campaigns more creatively and efficiently.

A real opportunity for advertisers.